Air Supply for Electronic Tablet Counters

Deitz Pharmafill TC4 pill counter with air supply

The Deitz Airguide System ensures the flow of pills and tablets moves smoothlly and continuously to the electronic counter without fail. This AS1Blower directs air that keeps the solid oral dosage products in a single layer and aligned in single file.

Deitz Pharmafill TC4 pill counter with air supply

In designing our electronic tablet capsule counters to count your tablets, capsules, gelcaps, softgels, lozenges and other solid oral dosage products with accuracy to 99.99% at peak production rates, we looked at every step in the counting process and found that most tablet counting machines need to pay more attention to how the pills move from the hopper into the counting machinery.

 Many counting machines that use mechanical parts to block, guide and direct the pills towards the counting mechanism have trouble keeping each, individual pill separated so it can be accurately counted. That causes errors in counting and line stoppages until the operator fixes the flow. But our Deitz tablet capsule counters use our proprietary Airguide System with our AS1 Blower. We use air to set the pills onto a single layer and direct the flow exactly where we want the pills to go – right into the center of the counting mechanism. This also helps prevent contamination since there’s no contact with mechanical parts or their lubricants.

For Every Solid Oral Dosage Form

Our Airguide System works with every solid oral dosage form because it can be adjusted based on the size, shape and weight of the pills, among other factors. With the airflow directed just above the height of the pills, the flow of pills moves continuously without fail. And you can adjust this while your tablet counter is running.

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Air Supply Unit

To provide air to our Airguide System, we use the AS1 Air Supply unit. This is a self-contained, low-pressure, high-volume regenerative blower proven to work year after year on our TC4 tablet capsule counters. It uses a double air filter system to provide air that is completely clean and free of oil and condensate (water vapor) to prevent product contamination.