Shoulderless Bottle Bander SBB

Now, apply tamper-evident shrinkbands to shoulderless bottles with a perfect seal every time. Our new Pharmafill Shoulderless Bottle Bander (SBB) automatically applies the neck band onto bottles with no lip, contour or shoulder, holds the band in place at the desired height without slipping to the bottom, then moves it downstream to the companion heat shrink tunnel for sealing. This innovation eliminates the need to use full body sleeve labels when only partial bottle coverage is preferred. for faster production, smoother heat sealing, and big savings in label material year after year.

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Shoulderless Bottle Bander applies shrinkband to plastic bottle

No Shoulder? No Problem – Try Our Shoulderless Bottle Bander

Our automated no shoulder bottle banding machine is offered as an option on our best-selling Pharmafill NB1 tamper-evident neck bander. Integrated with our latest Bottomless Conveyor BCV2, the variable-height hugger belt conveyor transports the container under the NB1 neck banding machine, which applies the partial-sleeve shrink band. The shrink band comes to rest on top of the hugger belts as the container then moves past an attached heat gun, which shrinks the band just enough to keep it in place. The container with partial sleeve exits the BCV2 hugger belt conveyor and enters the heat shrink tunnel for final sealing. This self-contained packaging system is easy for an entry level worker to setup and operate using a built-in, touch-screen HMI. Plus, it can be quickly and safely adjusted “on the fly” to accommodate different bottles or fine tune the settings without stopping or slowing down the packaging process.

Shoulderless Bottle Bander applies shrinkbands to plastic bottles

What Else?

  • Suits banding materials from 25 mm – 123 mm in width and up to 10 inches in length
  • Fits bottle caps from 14 mm – 76 mm in diameter
  • Works with all heat-shrinkable, tamper-evident banding materials
  • Applies bands at up to 100 bpm (bottles per minute) or more
  • Designed to comply with FDA and GMP rules
  • Stainless steel in bottle contact areas with anodized aluminum frame
  • Print registration for labels and logos optional
  • Companion heat tunnel available here
  • Companion conveyor available here


  • Floor Foot Print 26” wide x 39” deep (66cm X 99cm)
  • Height3 Variable 55” to 64” (140cm to 163cm)
  • Container Height From 1” to 9” (2.5cm to 23cm)



John Deitz, President