Tablet Counter TC4

Deitz Pharmafill TC4 tabletop pill counter

The TC4 packs the advanced technology powering the fully automated TC3 into a semi-automated model that fits on an ordinary tabletop.

Deitz Pharmafill TC4 tabletop tablet counter smart bottle sensor

As the operator places an empty bottle under the discharge chute for filling, the filled bottle under the other discharge chute may be removed for capping.

Deitz Pharmafill TC4 tabletop pill counter on lab table
Deitz Pharmafill TC4 tabletop tablet counter HMI

The TC4 comes standard with the latest touch-screen HMI for easy setup and operation.

Deitz Pharmafill TC4 tabletop pill counter Deitz Pharmafill TC4 tabletop tablet counter smart bottle sensor Deitz Pharmafill TC4 tabletop pill counter on lab table Deitz Pharmafill TC4 tabletop tablet counter HMI

The first electronic tablet counter that grows as your company grows. Our tabletop Pharmafill TC4 electronic pill counting machine automatically counts tablets, capsules, softgels, gelcaps, lozenges, pills and other solid oral dosage products and fills them into bottles or other containers. Just load the tablets into the disc feeder, set the bottles under the discharge chute and watch it fill the bottles fast at up to 3,000 pills/minute. It’s a very rare blend of simplicity, innovation, affordability and reliable, computer-controlled performance that only a family-owned company like Deitz seems willing to offer.

Our latest TC4 uses the same, proprietary Deitz counting sensor technology as our fully automated TC3 tablet counter filler to achieve impressive counting accuracy of 99.99% or better. This level of high-tech, precision engineering has never been offered in a compact, tabletop tablet counter but we think small companies need access to the same level of technology as the pharmaceutical giants. Start with the basic, semi-automatic model.

As volume increases, you can expand the TC4 with extra capabilities:

  • Airguide System with AS1 Blower – automatically separates the pills for counting using air to prevent contamination and promote continuous operation
  • Smart bottle sensing – automatically recognizes when the bottle is ready for filling and when there’s a problem with the bottle, which triggers a stoppage
  • Smart vibratory feeder and hopper – automatically feeds the tablets from an oversized supply hopper through a variable speed, vibratory feeder chute to regulate the flow of tablets onto the rotating glass disc.
  • Hopper extension option increases volume from .60 cubic feet as standard to 1.6 cubic feet
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Easy to Use Tablet Counter

Deitz Pharmafill TC4 tabletop tablet counter HMI

This tablet counter is easy to use, easy to understand and easy to clean and take apart – with no tools. Ideal counter-filler for companies in:

  • Nutraceuticals
  • Cosmeceuticals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Supplements
  • Large pharmacies
  • and more

TC4 Tabletop Electronic Counter Solid Oral Dose Specifications

  • Maximum width or diameter: 0.9 inch (22 mm)
  • Maximum length: 0.9 inch (22 mm)
  • Maximum height: 0.4 inch (10 mm)

Maximum Counting Rate:

  • Typical coated tablet, diameter .25 inch: 2500-3000 per minute
  • Typical capsule, size 00: 1000-1500 per minute
  • Maximum Filling Rate 3,000 pills per minute based on #3 gelcap
  • Accuracy Typically 99.99% (1 error per 10,000 pills) at optimal conditions
  • Fills bottles up to 10” in height


  • 34 inches across x 21 inches deep x 30 inches high

Electrical Requirements

  • 110 VAC, 50/50 Hz



This Pharmafill TC4 tabletop tablet counting machine comes with automated feed control to ensure a consistent volume of tablets is fed onto the rotating disc for feeding to the counting sensor.
--> Highly accurate pill counting that fits on a tabletop