Extra Wide Heat Shrink Tunnel For Extra Wide Containers

November 13, 2020
Deitz Pharmafill HT6W extra wide heat tunnel

Pharmafill(TM) HT6W Wide Heat Tunnel Shrinks Tamper-Evident Bands on Large Diameters

Wall, NJ: Packaging machinery manufacturer Deitz Company, Wall, NJ (www.Deitzco.com), has unveiled an extra wide heat shrink tunnel that automatically shrinks tamper-evident bands and full sleeve labels onto extra wide bottles, jars and other containers. Developed for nutrition companies packaging whey protein, dietary fiber, meal replacement shakes, and other sports nutrition and weight loss products sold in large or wide mouth bottles, the Pharmafill(TM) HT6W accommodates plastic, glass and metal containers as wide as 6-3/4 inches in diameter and as tall as up to 10 inches in height, an increase of more than 40 percent versus the industry standard Pharmafill HT6B.

To consistently seal the extra-wide neck bands and sleeve labels that often confound ordinary heat tunnels, the Pharmafill heat tunnel features a proprietary engineering advance. Two, 3000-watt tubular heating elements direct a combination of convection and radiant heat toward the bottom of the shrink band or label upon entry, then gradually direct the heat toward the top as the bottle advances to the exit. An energy-efficient, double-wall design with stainless steel construction and heat-resistant curtains at entry and exit help contain the high heat inside the tunnel and provide extra protection for worker safety.

Designed and manufactured at the company’s Wall, New Jersey, headquarters, the Pharmafill heat shrink tunnel comes mounted on casters to roll up to any conveyor and includes an adjustable-height lift stand that raises and lowers the tunnel height to match the container height. A companion conveyor and Emergency Auto-Lift (EAL) are offered as options.

For more information, contact the sales staff, Deitz Co., Inc.; 1750 Route 34, PO Box 1108, Wall, NJ 07719 USA; 732.681.0200; Fax 732.681.8468; www.deitzco.com; sales@deitzco.com.
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