Movable Perforation on Tamper-Evident Neck Bander Ensures Clean Shrinkband Removal

October 29, 2021
Illustration of pill bottle with desiccant, cotton, and pills by Deitz Company

Pharmafill(TM) NB1 Neck Bander Automatically Perforates Shrinkbands in Proper Place

Wall, NJ: The Pharmafill(TM) NB1 tamper-evident neck bander from packaging machinery manufacturer Deitz Co., Wall, NJ (, enables vertical perforations to be applied to the shrinkband on the leading edge or trailing edge. Offered as an option on the neck banding machine, the movable perforation ability ensures the perforations are applied in the proper positions for easy removal by the consumer without compromising tamper-evidence. The clever advance helps compensate for minor inaccuracies in the shrinkband converting process and also provides control over the direction the perforations face upon entering a heat tunnel.

Suitable for automatically perforating shrinkbands and sleeve labels on bottles, jars, tins, and other containers, the vertical perforator allows the perforation position to be quickly switched during product changeover to accommodate different containers, bands, and/or labels. The perforation system works with all heat-shrinkable banding materials from 25 mm – 123 mm in width applied over caps ranging from 14 mm – 76 mm in diameter and may be retrofit on neck banders currently in operation.

For more information, contact the sales staff, Deitz Co., Inc.; 1750 Route 34, PO Box 1108, Wall, NJ 07719 USA; 732.681.0200; Fax 732.681.8468;;
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