Automated Tablet Counters Count Effervescent Tablets with 99.99% Accuracy

September 25, 2023
Pharmafill TC3 tablet counter by Deitz with effervescent pills

Pharmafill(TM) Tablet Counters Gently Transfer Dusty Pills to Counting Sensor

Wall, NJ: Pharmafill(TM) tablet counters from packaging machinery manufacturer Deitz Co., Wall, NJ (, automatically count effervescent tablets such as antacids, cold medicines, nutritional supplements, and chemical cleaning pods with 99.99% accuracy while minimizing dust and breakage. Developed for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturers and contract packagers, the automated tablet counters use a vibratory action to gently feed the tablets without generating excess dust then carefully direct an airstream towards the tablet flow to form a single layer. The effervescent tablets are presented individually to the center of the counting sensor for accurate, repeatable counting and dispensing while any chips, crumbles or misshapen pills are automatically removed via sieving before they can be counted and filled into bottles.

Designed for reliable operation even when counting the dusty, fizzy dosage form, the Pharmafill capsule counters feature sealed and/or permanently lubricated bearings to prevent contamination and may be disassembled for cleaning and changeovers in five minutes or less. The Pharmafill line includes the TC3 fully automated tablet counter and the TC4 semi-automated, compact tablet counter that fits on a tabletop. Both models are manufactured in the company’s Wall, New Jersey headquarters and delivered assembled and tested with a two-year warranty.

For more information, contact the sales staff, Deitz Co., Inc.; 1750 Route 34, PO Box 1108, Wall, NJ 07719 USA; 732.681.0200; Fax 732.681.8468;;
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